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Bobbing for Applejack! - A Cocktail Party with Lairds Applejack

5 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick 08901

We bet you didn't know that the Laird Family is America's Oldest Distilling family.
They're a NJ-Based company, started in Scobyville, NJ in 1717.
They are continuously family operated for 10 generations.
They own distillery license #1.
They were integral to the renaissance of the cocktail.
They make a delicious spirit, and they are the best producers in the world!
They are great friends of ours and we are big fans of theirs.

You can meet generations 9 and 10 at our Bobbing for Applejack event.

We'll have
★ Bluegrass by the Go Bailers!!!
★ Classic Cocktails by Stage Left & Catherine Lombardi!!!
★ Passed hors d'oeuvres!
★ Actual Apple-Bobbing for Adult Prizes!!!
★ A Guided Tasting of Apple Spirits that will blow your mind!
★ A Brief History of Applejack and the cocktail renaissance!

Event Over